Honoring the OG Planner: School Agendas

I can recall it as clear as if it happened moments ago: the silky smooth texture of the cover, the smell of the fresh pages, the feeling of anxious excitement as I wondered what projects and secrets would fill this year’s school agenda.

The mascot-themed school agendas we received as first-day-of-class gifts from the public school system were nothing special, but they served a great purpose: instilling organizational skills and encouraging young scholars to plan for their future. Although I was undoubtedly excited for a free, fresh agenda every year, I never truly appreciated their impact on me… until recently.

It all started with those academic agendas, in all their simple glory.
But it progressed steadily into a full-blown stationery addiction: from bullet journals, scrapbooking, to sticker and washi tape collections, I found peace, clarity, and sanity in my many books and papers. And I still do. In fact, I credit many of my successes and accomplishments to my skillful planning and organization.

I wonder: would I be so planner-oriented if it had not been for those academic agendas? Or, did those silly, little things really plant seeds of inspiration?
I may never know, but either way, it all turned out for the best.