How to Journal/Plan Imperfectly

It happens to the best of us: we spend unnecessary time and stress laboring over a single journal page in the hopes it will eventually be perfect enough to present to the ever-judging eyes of the Internet.

But, why do we do this?

Perfect handwriting, bubble stickers, fancy washi tape... sure, it helps personalize and decorate your journal/planner, but it does not automatically make it more efficient or useful. Aesthetic visual appeal is only one tiny aspect in the whole realm of journaling; so, why do we focus so heavily on trying to create a perfect page?

In reality, we will never achieve perfection. Perfection does not exist because beauty is in the eye of the beholder; no two people will ever experience or perceive an art piece the same way. The perfection dragon is one you will spend your whole life chasing after; but you won't catch it. 

Instead of aimlessly trying to please an invisible audience on social media, start using your journal/planner in a way that is efficient, motivating, and useful to you and your life.

Here are some top tips to start journaling and planning imperfectly.


I know, I know: it is easier said than done. But, seriously! The moment you stop running through every irrational possibility in your head is the moment you will finally know inner peace. Journaling and planning are meant to be time-saving projects, not time-consuming, so don't waste your precious time by worrying about the "if's."


It is easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of social media, but there is no point in journaling or planning if you are not using it in a way that actually benefits you. Your journal/planner is yours, after all, so as long as it works for you, nothing else matters.


One of the most important tips in journaling and planning is to allow room for mistakes; and I don't just mean physical space on the page, I also mean the time, patience, and forgiveness to prove to yourself that mistakes are inevitable and to learn necessary lessons from those mistakes. 


I hope these tips help you overcome the fear of being imperfect- because imperfect is beautiful.

Happy journaling! XOXO.